Meandering Minneapolis

A Cultural Atlas of Minneapolis!

October in Coffee

A visualization of all the coffee I drank in October, 2019.

Alaska Typeface

A typeface and poster I designed, inspired by Maggie Rogers!

Saint Paul 3K

A geography class project supporting Saint Paul City Council

Tossed Patterns

Recently, I learned to create tossed patterns using Adobe Illustrator.

Transportation Review Board Poster

Spatial Bayesian direct demand modeling I presented at TRB 2021

Wannabe Geographer’s Guide to Census Geography

My final project for 2D Design!

Intent in Acquisition

A robust Shiny app developed to explore the National Gallery of Art’s collection data.

recent posts

A tutorial on the basics of nonparametric probability density function estimation.

A tutorial for fitting conditional autoregressive models in R using the CARBayes package.

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